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Web App Development & Hosting

Front and back-end development

Robust work schedules with reliable deadlines

Hosting services

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Robust work schedules with reliable deadlines

Web application development that makes life easier and give you a competitive advantage

Whether you have decided that your processes and procedures need to be updated or you have spotted a gap in the market for a new service or solution, our specialist web app development team can help. Our app development specialists will help you turn the seed of an idea into a fully functional app that gives you an all-important advantage over competitors in your industry.

Thanks to our team of highly skilled developers, project managers and UX/UI designers, we know what it takes to deliver web apps on time and on budget, every time.

Web App Development & Hosting

Why do you need a web application?

Turning your vision into a digital reality

The future growth of your organisation often relies on the efficiency of your workflows and the quality of your customer experience. When off-the-shelf solutions aren’t fully fit for purpose, a bespoke web application can be a valuable alternative. Over the years we’ve helped to develop staffing apps for events venues, inventory software for the management of traffic camera deployment and charity fundraising apps to name but a few.

The point of any web application is to make staff or customers’ lives easier, often by streamlining services or making processes more efficient and intuitive. At itcent.re we work closely with you to develop a functional, reliable and secure web app that’s customised to the precise needs of your users.

Project Scoping

Our exacting standards and attention to detail set us apart from other web app developers. Our specialist team carefully scope out every project rigorously, taking the time to understand your precise requirements and design the final application accordingly.

Careful scoping from the outset enables us to give you accurate costs and timescales from the outset – so you can trust that the final product is delivered on time and on budget.

Front-End Development

Our User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) team offer unrivalled creative and technical expertise. We understand that a successful web application must enhance your business’s capabilities or help reduce inefficiencies. That’s why we never lose sight of your broader business goals and the role that any new application should play in helping you achieve them

Back-End Development

Within our team of back-end engineers we have the expertise to work across a range of programming languages, libraries and frameworks. We provide back-end development for various web, cloud-based and mobile apps. In line with your brief, we develop customised solutions that represent value for you and your end customer. All of our apps are hosted securely on our own infrastructure for complete peace of mind.

Testing & Review

Our agile approach to web application development never comes at the expense of quality. That’s why we believe in rigorous quality assurance testing before your new solution is deployed. We value the trust you put in us to deliver your project, which is why we are committed to performing a comprehensive range of tests.

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