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Remote Working

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Make remote work simple with itcent.re

The traditional 9 to 5 job is no longer the only way to work. In fact, more and more organisations are realising the benefits of home working or hybrid models. Whether you wish to support your team’s work–life balance, reduce office overheads or simply make remote work part of your business continuity plans, our IT experts can help you put the systems and infrastructure in place to optimise productivity anywhere.

Our remote working solution incorporates: Collaboration and communication services, Cloud technologies, VoIP integration, and Virtual Private Networks.

Remote Working

How should your business prepare for remote work?

Transition to a new working model with confidence

Thanks to developments in technology and connectivity, it’s never been easier for you to give your team the opportunity to work in a more flexible and location-free format. Depending on the type of work you carry out, it may even be possible for your staff to choose the working hours that suit them.

We can help tailor your IT infrastructure and systems to accommodate your business’s requirements – both now and in the future. From time-sheeting to shared documents to conferencing facilities, there are many factors to be considered. We can save you valuable time and resources, helping you create a modern workplace for your organisation with minimal fuss or disruption.


We understand that allowing your staff to work remotely should never mean a loss of productivity or drop in communication. In fact, we can help you incorporate teamworking, cloud sharing and instant messaging tools to speed up the collaborative process.

Work on the move

Mobility is a crucial part of the modern working model. This not only means giving your team access to vital emails, documents and data as they travel; it should also give them the ability to reach that information from their mobile device. Of course, all this should be done with a clear focus on safety and information security, which is why putting this responsibility in the hands of our expert team will benefit your business in the long term.

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