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Business Connectivity

Faster fault resolution

Dedicated bandwidth

Voice optimisation

Make progress easier with greater connectivity

Time spent waiting is progress wasted. Remove the barriers to success by giving your team access to the fastest connections and frictionless connectivity. At itcent.re we know the difference that greater connectivity can make. So, let us help you work faster and smarter through superfast business broadband, leased lines and more.

Business Connectivity

Why choose our connectivity solution?

Drive productivity through improved connectivity and user experience

Our broadband is specifically designed to optimise connectivity from our voice platforms and your site. While other ISPs may promise similar speeds, it is the security and scalability of our solution that sets us apart.

Leased Lines

We can provide you with a superior EFM and/or fibre circuits. Our highly resilient and reliable service is available virtually anywhere in the UK, while our North East-based technical support and management team offer valuable peace of mind.

All of our circuits also feature a range of QoS (quality of service) options to optimise voice communications.

Business Broadband

With itcent.re you don’t need to settle for anything but the best business broadband. We offer a private service designed to meet your data requirements – whether you utilise SIP and VoIP products, such as our Cloud Hosting VoIP, or Unified Communications solution.

Not getting the support or service level you expect from your existing IT provider?

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