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Backups & Disaster Recovery

itcent.re Backups & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business from any eventuality

Companies that don't plan for disaster recovery are at a significantly higher risk of shutting their doors, business that experience an un-planned disaster rarely reopen.

  • Protect crtical servers, workstations and storage
  • On-Prem & secure cloud repositories
  • Restore data in minutes not days
  • Automatic integrity testing
  • Protect M365 & GSuite data
  • DR orchestration & verification
Ransomware protection and recolvery solution

Is Your Business Protected?

Traditional cyber security protection methods like Anti-Virus and E-Mail/Spam filters are no match for many cyber attacks. Businesses need a layered approach to protecting their information, reputation, and growth.

Leading causes of ransomware infections
  • Phishing E-Mails
  • Lack of cyber security training
  • Weak passwords
  • Poor access management
  • Insufficent Anti-Virus protection
Seriously powerful, modern data protection

Backup & Recovery

itcent.re is prepared to address the next generation of operational challenges head-on with a comprehensive set of enterprise grade data protection capabilities. Powerful and capable, our BCDR solutitions have the flexibility to fit your business and market-leading reliability that you can count on.

  • Reliable Backup
  • Fast Recovery
  • Secure Replication
  • Cloud Portability
  • Smart Storage
  • Data Reuse
Availability for Any App, Any Data Across Any Cloud

Replication & Availablity

As your business undergoes Digital Transformation, you want to be sure you’re critical information assets are protected with a solution that will integrate with your business strategy. itcent.re understands your challenges and knows how to best meet your needs.

  • Advanced Backup & Recovery
  • intelligent Monitoring
  • Governance & Complaince
  • Cloud Flexibility
  • Agile Automation & 100% Portable
  • Bandwidth optomised Replication
  • Encryption in-flight and at rest
Your Business Relies on the Availability of its Data

NAS Protection

Modernize and simplify the protection of your files servers and company data, reducing recovery time and storage costs.

  • Faster incremental backups
  • Flexibility to store unstructured data
  • Many restore options
  • Scale-Out Backup Repositories
  • Application-aware backup
All-in-One BCDR for Workstations

Cloud Continuity for Workstations

Protect your endpoints against ransomware, loss, theft, and accidental data deletion with Cloud Continuity for Workstations.

  • Quickly restore data on lost or stolen PCs to a new device
  • Granularly recover individual files and folders
  • Rollback after a ransomware attack with point-in-time restore
  • One Price, One Terabyte, Zero Complications
Reliable & Secure SaaS Backup

SaaS Protection

One in three users experience data loss in cloud applications like Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. Our SaaS Protection solucation can protect business and its data from accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss.

  • M365 Backup Exchange, Tasks, OneDrive, SharePoint, & Teams.
  • G-Suite Backup GMail, Calendar, & Contacts
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