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Cloud Hosted VoIP

Cloud hosted Voice-over-IP

What is Cloud hosted Voice-over-IP? Cloud hosted Voice-over-IP is the cloud-based delivery of a range of telecoms services via internet connections. Cloud hosted Voice-over-IP is a trusted alternative to a traditional PBX utilising ISDN or analogue lines which are generally on-site.

While on-site PBXs have historically been the most common way to own a Business Phone system, the increased availability of high-speed Data Connections, as well as vast improvements in software and hardware stability and functionality have led to cloud-based SIP networks offering a Cloud hosted Voice-over-IP phone system and this is fast becoming a preferred telephony choice for businesses of all sizes.

VoIP calls can be served to you in HD (high-definition) and are not limited to just voice, video and instant messaging are growing in popularity; communications can even be encrypted.

Pay as you grow with no limitations
Connect from anywhere with a data connection.
A range of enterprise grade features without the enterprise cost.
Provision Services in real-time, flexibility when you need it

Benefits of Cloud Hosted VoIP

Easily expandable system

Whether it's 1 or 100 new users, new users are added as quickly as a customer can click

Remote Workers

With the growth of remote working, businesses need a way to easily link these workers in with their phone system. Adding a remote worker is as easy as adding a new worker in the business HQ.

Cheaper Call rates

Compared to conventional analogue phone systems, call costs using VoIP are generally lower, sometimes quite significantly. In addition, as the system uses Tier 1 Carriers for routing whenever possible, this means there is no sacrifice in call quality.

Is it right for me or my Business?

If your business needs to make and receive calls, and is in an area with high speed broadband, then the VoiceHost Hosted PBX solution is right for you.

If you need complex call routing for your business, we can help with any fine tuning and develop innovative new features faster and more intuitive than ever before. If you just need a simple phone system, we can also supply that, without forcing you to pay for features you simply don’t need.

Flexibility and Savings

Save time and money by removing the need for complicated infrastructure and expensive hardware. Simply connect your SIP enabled phone to VoiceHost via any internet connection.

Administration via our secure web portal is easy and with 24/7 support available every day you can focus on your business and not how disruptive and costly changing your telephone system would be.

Our softphone for iOS and Android means you can be reached wherever you are and never miss a call again.

Elastic Cloud & Enterprise features

Our real-time platform empowers you to choose only the features you want. Telephone numbers from around the world and route calls to users via call groups, call queues, time profiles and interactive voice recordings (IVR) to name just the most popular.

As the VoiceHost cloud is developed new features become instantly available for use without the need to upgrade software.

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