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Enterprise-grade BCDR solutions

The world’s fastest-growing companies rely on Datto to protect their business continuity, ensure ongoing networking, provide a single source of truth for IT business management, and secure file collaboration and backup.

Datto offers Unified Continuity, Networking, and Business Management solutions and has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem used by millions of businesses across the globe.

Smart BCDR solutions that back up content to Datto's secure Cloud let you easily recover a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.
Eliminate downtime and costly business interuptions with always-on networking that you can securely manage from anywhere.
Enable seamless collaboration in real-time, back-up, and restore work without sacraficing security, power, or simplicity.
Datto Cloud Continuity For PCs protects endpoints against ransomware, loss or theft, and accidental data deletion with continuous backup and streamlined recovery tools.
SaaS Protection decouples data protection from SaaS user accounts, giving complete data protection. It provides automated point-in-time SaaS backups, capturing relevant changes across the entire Microsoft O365 and GSuite. Plus it provides an independent copy of data outside of SaaS provider servers.


Ransomware Protection

Safeguard your critical business data with a secret weapon in the war on cyber extortion.

Diaster Recovery as a Service

Be 6 seconds away from your data, no matter what.

SaaS Protection

Simply, securely, and automatically maintain control of your cloud data.

All-in-One Business Continuity


Built to ensure business systems are always on and resilient to disasters, SIRIS is an all-in-one solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualization, and ransomware protection. All backed by Datto’s private cloud.

  • Run Anywhere, Protect Anything
  • Advanced Backup Verification
  • Infinite Cloud Retention
  • Instant Virtualization
  • Restore or Virtualize Any Snapshot
  • Ransomware Detection & Recovery
The SMB Total Data Protection Platform


ALTO is Datto’s cost effective, yet fully featured. Recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time, and use Instant Virtualization in the Datto Cloud to spin up lost servers, getting back to business in minutes.

  • All in One Platform
  • Small Yet Mighty
  • Enhanced Targeted Attack Detection
  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Ransomware Protection
Keep business data secured and compliant

Cloud Continuity for PCs

Eliminate data loss. Get your employees back up and running quickly, exactly where they left off.

  • All-In-One BCDR for PCs
  • Reliable PC Backup and Restore
  • Quickly restore data on lost or stolen PCs
  • Granularly recover individual files and folders
  • Rollback ransomware attacks with point-in-time restore
Smart. Fast. Scalable.


Network attached storage platform for business continuity in local, virtual, and Cloud environments.

Datto NAS is available as a hardware appliance in three form factors built to your use case in our manufacturing facilities, with these features:

  • Collaborate across multiple protocols
  • Protect Large Datastores
  • Secure File Sync & Share
  • Hybrid SSD and Spindle
  • Local Fault Tolerance
  • Cloud Redundancy
  • Ransomware Recovery
Reliable, simple, secure SaaS backup

SaaS Protection

One in three users experience data loss in cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. There is an alternative. With Datto SaaS Protection, businesses can protect their data against accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss.

  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • Resolve Cloud Concerns
  • Recover From Ransomware
  • Ensure Transferability


A complete file sync and share solution, purpose-built for business.

  • Threat Detection and Management
  • Complete File Sync and Share
  • Synchronize files across platforms, including mobile devices.
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Share and work together in a document’s native file format.
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