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Best Protection and Best Performance. Consistently.

Zero-day and ransomware attacks such as WannaCry have wreaked havoc, eluding virtually all AV/endpoint security and so called ‘next-gen’ solutions, except for Bitdefender.

Powered by machine learning algorithms perfected over more than 10 years, Bitdefender consistently ranks first in independent tests for protection, performance and usability.

In March 2018, Bitdefender was awarded the prestigious AV-Test Best Protection 2017 and AV-Test Best Performance 2017 for achieving the maximum detection score and demonstrating the lowest impact on protected machines in each test conducted throughout the year.

Automatically stop 99% of attacks with #1 ranked prevention that combines over 30 technologies, including tunable machine learning​, sandbox analyzer, anti-exploit and behavioral analysis
Gain insight into your threat environment and perform forensic analysis by zeroing in on attacks specifically aimed at your organization. Visualize the attack kill chain and perform remediatory action
Strengthen security posture with integrated device- and application control, patching, encryption and other technologies. Leverage integrated Risk Management and Analytics to continuously assess, prioritize, and address misconfigurations and vulnerabilities


Network Attack Defense

Network Attack Defense gives customers a new level of protection against attackers seeking access to the system by exploiting network vulnerabilities. It contributes to extend protected areas, now with network based security that blocks threats such as Brute Force attacks, Password Stealers, Network Exploits and lateral movements before they can execute.

Advanced Anti-exploit

Exploits are often involved in major ransomware attacks as they hijack legitimate applications to compromise the system. Bitdefender Advanced Anti-Exploit detects unknown file-based or file-less (memory only) exploits by focusing on the attack techniques and using behavioral technologies instead of signatures of known exploits

Risk Analytics

Endpoint Risk Analytics helps MSPs reduce the attack surface by discovering and prioritizing risky OS and software misconfigurations and facilitating continuous security posture improvements.

Content Control

Typically part of a separate offering with other vendors, Content Control is included with no additional charge in Cloud Security for MSP. Block or restrict user access to potentially malicious websites or use categories and schedules to reduce the attack surface and improve productivity

Device Control

Often not available in competitive solutions, Device Control allows admins to block or restrict access to certain attachable devices, such as USBs, mitigating the risks of malware being introduced via these devices.

Web Filtering

Essential in blocking web-borne attacks, web filtering lets admins block known phishing or other malicious websites and scan unknown URLs, including HTTPS, to identify potential threats

Reduce risks against advanced attacks

Patch Management

Bitdefender Patch Management reduces patching efforts and costs, offering a single source of patches for Windows and third-party applications. Patches can be applied automatically to all devices anywhere, both on-site and remote, reducing the window of opportunity for attackers to exploit vulnerable applications.

  • Auto and manual patching for OS and software
  • Detailed information centering patches
  • Granular scheduling for security and non-security patches
  • Quick deployment of missing patches
  • Reducing network traffic with local relays
  • Patch compliance reporting
  • Automatically notifactions
Complete layered endpoint security suite

Advanced Threat Security

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security includes HyperDetect to block attacks at pre-execution with tunable machine learning capabilities, and Sandbox Analyzer for enhanced targeted attack detection. The offering protects against file-less attacks, PowerShell and other script attacks, and delivers improved threat context and visibility.

  • Tunable Machine Learning
  • Blocks File-less attacks
  • Enhanced Targeted Attack Detection
  • Automatic and manual file submission
  • Cloud hosted infrastructure
  • Machine learning & behavior analysis
  • Threat Context and visibility
  • Suspicious activities, IOCs
Keep business data secured and compliant

Full Disk Encryption

Data is the most important asset in the digital economy. Employees carrying a laptop loaded with sensitive corporate information during business trips or commutes are exposed to risk of loss or theft. While a lost device can be replaced at a limited cost, losing data can lead to a loss of customers, damaged reputation or significant financial damage. licensing in Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSP, helping service providers:

  • Cloud management
  • Proven native encryption (BitLocker & FileVault)
  • Simple to deploy
  • Manage restore keys from cloud
  • Compliance reporting
  • Pre-boot authentication enforcement
EDR made Easy

Endpoint Detection and Response

Companies that are highly sensitive to data breaches demand managed security services that go beyond prevention to include advanced attack detection, investigation, and response.

  • Cloud management
  • Proven native encryption (BitLocker & FileVault)
  • Simple to deploy
  • Manage restore keys from cloud
  • Compliance reporting
  • Pre-boot authentication enforcement
Stop CEO Fraud/ Business Email Compromise

Email Security

Despite user trainings and existing email filtering solutions, email remains the main attack vector for cybercriminals and email ransomware and phishing attacks remain prevalent

  • Ultimate threat detection without impacting accuracy.
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Sophisticated policy engine
  • Cloud-based email email security solution & routing engine
  • Detailed message tracking
Best-performing virtualization security

Security for Virtualized Environments

Despite the widespread use of virtualization, businesses often use highly inefficient security tools that suffocate host resources, deteriorates the user’s experience that drives some administrators to leave VMs unprotected.

Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) was designed from the bottom up for virtualization. Rather than placing a copy of Bitdefender on each virtual machine, SVE uses one VM, turning it into a Security Virtual Appliance (SVA) that protects all other VMs in the host environment.

  • Drastically improves VS/VDI performance and user experience
  • Advanced process monitoring, and anti-exploit
  • Layered security that includes machine learning
  • Automates VM security provisioning and eliminates security gaps
  • Supports VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and all other hypervisors
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